Beginners Classes – July 2022

Beginners classes introduce Tai Chi & Qigong practice through exploration of key principles, embodied exercises and movement sequences.

Classes run over a 3 to 4 month cycle, providing a thorough and accessible foundation in Tai Chi & Qigong practices. Students can progress on to the ‘Regulars’ classes and workshops.

How to get started:

i) Try a monthly block: attend weekly classes in-person, online or both (and/or access recordings online).

ii) Try a taster class: try a Saturday class or the first Wednesday class of a block (online or in-person).

4-Week Online Beginners Course

A 4-week online course suitable for complete beginners, or those with some experience. Students can attend weekly live Zoom sessions and / or access to class recordings via Dropbox.

You can access and download a pre-recorded version of the course at any time. The course runs over 3-4 months.

Next live Zoom course block – September 2022

Monthly Beginners Block – £50 (£40 low income)

Weekly In-Person Beginners Classes

Weekly classes for beginners and ongoing students.

Next block starts Wednesday 6th July 2022 – 11:30am to 1:00pm

Partickhill Bowling & Community Club
46 Partickhill Rd, Glasgow G11 5BY 

Drop-in – £15 (£10 low income)
Monthly Wednesday Block – £50 (£40 low income)

Saturday Class Series

Starting in July 2022, a new themed Saturday class series covering:
Tai Chi Chuan
Yoga & Meditation
Tai Chi & Qigong Partnerwork
Suitable for complete beginners and experienced students.
Saturdays 11:30am to 1pm
Partickhill Bowling & Community Club
46 Partickhill Rd, Glasgow G11 5BY
Drop-in – £15 (£10 low income)
Monthly Saturday Block – £50 (£40 low income)

Saturday 2nd July – 11:30am to 1pm
A monthly Qigong class introducing various practices, including warm up exercises, self massage exercises, breathwork, standing practice, some simple partnerwork – gradually introducing various Qigong routines and forms.

Tai Chi Chuan (37 Form)
Saturday 16th July – 11:30am to 1pm
A monthly class working gradually through a complete Tai Chi form sequence of around 60 -70 movements – Cheng Man-ch’ing’s 37 Form (Yang style Tai Chi) – classes will include some relevant Tai Chi partnerwork and solo exercises.Working through the complete Cheng Man-ch’ing 37 Tai Chi Form (Yang style short form).

Yoga & Meditation
Saturday 23rd July – 11:30am to 1pm
A monthly class introducing very accessible (‘Scaravelli-inspired’) yoga practice (asana / pranayama) and simple guided meditation – relating these to Tai Chi and Qigong as holistic and complementary practices. Suitable for non-bendy people and those who can’t meditate!

Tai Chi & Qigong Partnerwork
Saturday 30th July – 11:30am to 1pm
A monthly class working through an accessible Tai Chi & Qigong partnerwork syllabus – building up from foundation principles & basic exercises, and over time gradually introducing more advanced ‘pushing hands’ practices.

Saturday Dates for 2022

August 2022 – 20th (Tai Chi 37 Form), 27th (Partnerwork)

September 2022 – 3rd (Qigong), 10th (Tai Chi 37 Form), 24th (Partnerwork)

October 2022 – 1st (Qigong), 8th (Tai Chi 37 Form), 15th (Yoga & Meditation), 22nd (Partnerwork)

November 2022 – 5th (Qigong), 12th (Tai Chi 37 Form), 19th (Yoga & Meditation), 26th (Partnerwork)

December 2022 – 3rd (Qigong), 10th (Tai Chi 37 form), 17th (Partnerwork)

Booking and Payment

Monthly Block Payment – £50 / £40 low income (choose paypal option / pay with card).

Monthly block payment covers attendance at one in person class per week, plus access to online classes / recordings.

Drop-In Class Payment – £15 (£10 low income)

All Inclusive Option – option to attend all monthly beginners classes (Wednesdays, Saturdays, plus access to online beginners course)  – £70 / £60 low income – payable via BACS (email for bank details).

Standard / Low Income Rate – choose which rate is applicable based on your circumstances – if experiencing financial difficulties, I can accomodate a small number of ‘pay-what-you-can’ places – contact me to discuss.

Bookings & Enquiries –

About Tai Chi & Qigong

Tai Chi (Taijiquan) is a mind-body practice originating from Chinese ‘internal’ martial arts, which is widely practised for health and well-being. 

Qigong (Chi Kung) refers to a wide range of practices including Tai Chi exercises, standing postures, movement & breathing exercises and meditation, with the aim of cultivating health and vitality.

Benefits – Regular practice of Tai Chi & Qigong promotes wellbeing through relaxation, breath & body awareness, balance, posture, mobility, co-ordination, strength and stamina. As a mind-body practice, Tai Chi & Qigong can be approached as a mindful movement or moving meditation practice. At a more fundamental level, these are fascinating and absorbing artforms, that can be explored and developed over a lifetime of practice.

“Be still as a mountain, move like a great river.” Wu Yu-hsiang