About Tai Chi & Qigong

An embodied & principle based approach to Tai Chi & Qigong – exploring mind, body, breath, movement & senses.

Online Beginners Course – March 2021

An accessible introductory 4 week online course suitable for complete beginners and those with some experience.

Regular students may also attend these classes to revise the foundations of the practice.

Students will have access to recordings of each class for 1 week to watch again or download.

Wednesdays 7pm to 8.15pm*

£40 / £30 low income

March 2021 Course Dates – Wednesday 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th 

*If unable to attend live classes, there is the option to access the zoom recordings only (£35 / £25).

Weekly Online Classes: Beginners & Regulars

These classes offer an experiential approach to Tai Chi & Qigong & explore a varied syllabus that has been evolving over the past few years.

Classes run on a monthly block basis –  students can attend any class over the block including beginners classes.

Students have access to recordings of each class for 1 week to watch / download.

Thursdays – 10:30am to 12noon

Thursdays – 6:30pm to 8pm

Saturdays – 10:00am to 11:30am

£50 / £40 low income

About Tai Chi & Qigong

Tai Chi (Taijiquan) is a mind-body practice originating from Chinese martial arts, which is widely practised for health and well-being. 

Qigong (Chi Kung) refers to a wider range of practices – which includes Tai Chi exercises, and also standing postures, movement & breathing exercises and meditation – with the goal of cultivating and balancing life energy (Qi). 

Benefits – Regular practice of Tai Chi & Qigong promotes general wellbeing through relaxation, body awareness, balance, posture, mobility, co-ordination, strength and stamina. As a mind-body practice, Tai Chi & Qigong can be approached as a mindful movement or moving meditation practice. These practices are increasingly recommended by health professionals and research suggests Tai Chi & Qigong provide numerous health benefits and can improve a variety of conditions.

General Enquiries and Bookings:

For bookings and further information contact Alan –  alan.skirving@gmail.com


Online Booking (4-Week Beginners Course) 

4 Week Beginners Course

“Be still as a mountain, move like a great river.” Wu Yu-hsiang