About Tai Chi

Tai Chi originates from Chinese martial arts and is practised for health and wellbeing, meditation, self-cultivation and self-defence. As a mind-body practice, Tai Chi promotes relaxation and awareness, and improves mobility, posture, balance, co-ordination, strength and stamina. Research also suggests the practice of Tai Chi may help with a variety of health conditions.

As an internal martial art, Tai Chi (also known as Tàijí, T’ai chi ch’uan or Tàijíquán) can be developed and enjoyed over a lifetime. There are several main styles such as Yang, Chen and Wu, which are named after the families from which they originated. Our syllabus comes from a branch of Yang style, from Cheng Man-ch’ing, Huang Sheng Shyan and subsequent teachers.

Introduction to Tai Chi

A taster workshop for complete beginners, introducing the practice in an accessible, step by step way:

Sunday 29th October 2017 – 1pm to 3pm 

Venue: Arlington Baths, Reading Room, 61 Arlington Street, Glasgow, G3 6DT

Cost: £20

6 Week Beginners Course

This is an introductory course for complete beginners. Students will learn an authentic and systematic Tai Chi syllabus, giving a foundation to attend regular classes and develop their own practice.

There are two beginners courses starting in September 2017:

Evening Course: Thursdays from 14th September 2017 – 6pm to 7pm 

In The Moment Centre, 72 Berkeley Street, Glasgow G3 7DS (2nd Floor Studio)

Course dates – 14th September to 19th October 2017

Saturday Course: Saturdays from 16th September 2017 – 12noon to 1pm

Hillhead Library, Small Hall, 348 Byres Rd, Glasgow, G12 8AP*

*class will be held at Arlington Baths from week 2 / 23rd September*

Course dates – 16th September to 28th October 2017 (no class Saturday 21st October)

Cost: £60 (£50 concessions)

Bookings: Contact Alan on 07887398813 or e-mail alan.skirving@gmail.com