About Tai Chi

Tai Chi originates from Chinese martial arts and can be practised for health and wellbeing, meditation, self-cultivation and self-defence. As a mind-body practice, Tai Chi promotes relaxation, resilience, mind-body awareness as well as improving mobility, balance, co-ordination, strength and stamina. Research suggests Tai Chi may also improve a range of common health conditions.

As an internal martial art, Tai Chi (Tàijí, T’ai chi ch’uan or Tàijíquán) can be developed and enjoyed over a lifetime. There are several main styles of Tai Chi, such as Yang, Chen and Wu, named after the family name from which they originated – our syllabus comes from a branch of Yang style, from Cheng Man-ch’ing, Huang Sheng Shyan and subsequent teachers.

Introduction to Tai Chi

An introductory workshop for complete beginners starting from the basics, introducing the practice in an accessible, step by step way.

Sunday 8th January 2017 – 1pm to 3pm 

Venue: Arlington Baths, Reading Room, 61 Arlington Street, Glasgow, G3 6DT

Cost: £20

6 Week Beginners Course

An introductory course for complete beginners, which expands on the introductory workshop. Over the course of 6 weeks, you will start to learn an authentic and systematic syllabus, giving a foundation to attend regular classes and develop your own practice. This will include: a set of Tai Chi standing postures, Huang Sheng Shyan’s 5 loosening exercises, the first 8 movements of the 37 Posture Cheng Man-ch’ing Form and simple two person exercises that introduce the principles of Tai Chi partnerwork.

There are two 6 week courses starting in January 2017:

Evening course: Wednesdays from 11th January 2017 – 7pm to 8pm

Venue: Arlington Baths, Reading Room, 61 Arlington Street, Glasgow, G3 6DT

Weekend course: Saturdays from 21st January 2017 – 12noon to 1pm

Venue: Hillhead Library, Small Hall, 348 Byres Rd, Glasgow, G12 8AP

Cost: £50

Follow-on courses progress step by step through the full syllabus. 

Bookings: contact Alan on 07887398813 or e-mail alan.skirving@gmail.com

The introductory workshop and 6 week course are both accessible for complete beginners. They are also suitable for regular or returning students looking to revise or restart their Tai Chi  practice.