About Tai Chi

Tai Chi originates from Chinese martial arts and can be practised for health and wellbeing, meditation, self-cultivation and self-defence. As a mind-body practice, Tai Chi promotes relaxation, stress reduction and a sense of calm and inner peace, as well as improving physical mobility, balance, co-ordination, strength and stamina. Research suggests Tai Chi may also improve a range of common health conditions.

As an internal martial art, Tai Chi (Tàijí, T’ai chi ch’uan or Tàijíquán) can be developed and enjoyed over a lifetime. There are several main styles of Tai Chi, such as Yang, Chen and Wu, named after the family name from which they originated – our syllabus comes from a branch of Yang style, from Cheng Man-ch’ing, Huang Sheng Shyan and subsequent teachers.

Introduction to Tai Chi

An introductory workshop for complete beginners starting from the basics, building the practice in a step by step way. You will learn an authentic and systematic syllabus, giving a foundation to attend regular classes, workshops and develop an ongoing practice. This session is also suitable for regular or returning students looking for a refresher on the basic practice.

Saturday 27th August 2016 1pm to 3:30pm 

Venue: KSD Centre, 7 Ashley Street , Glasgow, G3 6DR

Cost: £20

Booking: contact Alan on 07887398813 or e-mail alan.skirving@gmail.com